Experience: Parents Visitor Visa (B2) Interview - Chennai Consulate Tamil


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Hello friends,

I would like to share my parents visitor visa experience as it might help others who are in my situation.
They are not educated and doing Agriculture in their own land. They don't speak or understand anything other than TAMIL.


I am in US and I directly sent all the documents to a travel agent in Chennai who helped me to file DS-160 and organize documents for my parents.
My parents just prepared a affidavit document for their properties through an attorney and brought property papers along with them when they come for interview to Chennai.
I translated most of the interview questions (including US addresses, my company name etc.,) in Tamil and arranged for them to read through.
Every week they were practicing for about a month till the interview date. Good thing was that very importantly they were never shown little nervous and pretty much confidant than me.

Interview (US consulate, Chennai)
1. First day, they went for finger-print and came back after work done.

2. Second day, Interview Day. They were as usual not nervous at all, but were enjoying as if they were in a differnt country by going through the consulate security checks.

Below are the interview questions asked in TAMIL (Woman officer)
1) Why are you going?
2) Where is your son working?
3) How many children do you have?
4) What is your other child doing?
5) How long do you plan to stay in US?

Officer was checking something in her system, smiled at them and told that "Happy Journey, your passport will be mailed to the address mentioned"
She didn't even ask for a document except their passports. My mother has never spoken anything and all the questions were answered by my father only.

Please let me know if you need any other details, I would be happy to help you.

Have a wonderful day, God bless you all...