?expect i485 to be denied


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I was previously denied a tourist visa to attend my cousin's wedding in the US, as I was told it wasn't a good enough reason. When I applied for the tourist visa I did not include my 3 children on the application, because I was sure the US embassy would think that I was planning to stay and work in the US to support my children (even though that wasn't the case).

So when I applied for the K-1 visa a year later, my fiance didn't put that I had children because we were afraid that they would see on my tourist visa application that I had indicated that I had no children. So we got married within the 90 days required, and am applying for a green card on a I-485 form. We are afraid that if i say i have children I will be denied, and yet if i don't i wonder if i will ever be able to name them if i want to bring them to the US (though that would be 8-10 years from now).


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Sounds like an habitual liar.

You need to be completely honest when filling out anything to do with USCIS.

FYI once USCIS finds out you lied. Which they will at some point. I hope you're ready to deal with those consequences.

Ask yourself this. You lied about having kids.. Pause. But would Like to file for those kids one day?? You really didn't think that through huh?


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So twice, you stood in front of an immigration officer and lied under oath both times? You and your spouse fraudulently obtained an immigration benefit by misrepresentation? You f up BIG TIME!

That lie will haunt you for the rest of your stay in the US. Expect to live each day wondering when immigration will catch up with your lies following which you’ll get jailed and subsequently deported.


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Mom is right and if you don’t get found out and deported, no, you can never bring your kids, is your green card worth having lost your children for?!