Evaluate me for EB1A or EB1B


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PhD in Atomic and Optical Physics from top 10 university in the US
7 publications in high impact factor journals. 2 in large collaborations, 5 with 3-4 co-authors. 3 of these are first author.
218 citations.
18 peer-reviewed conferences.
12 invited conferences co-authored with PhD advisor
Reviewed 4 papers for high IF journals.
Moved to industry as Data Scientist.
Promoted to Manager of Machine Learning within 2 years.
Now at a fast growing startup in tech industry, playing a leading and critical role for the company.

6-7 supporting letters from experts in USA, Australia, Israel.

I was initially advised to apply for EB1B by the attorney at my last job. But, the current attorney says that my profile isn't suitable for OR and so I should apply in EB1A.