entry exit for green card holder missing

Hello everyone
I have a question regarding my entry info missing in my FOIA request from CBP
short story, back in Feb 2008 I came to USA through land border, I did hand over my green card and he look at it ask about customs and let me in. Now I noticed that specific entry exit record is missing I understand this is for 2008 and maybe long time ago I just want to make sure its normal and not causing any issues. my friends keep telling me they always scan GC when entry through land borders , on the other hand,I have read on this forum based on people experiences that many time they don't swipe it
if anyone has any experiences or have information thanx for sharing


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It is possible that a CPB officer at a land crossing did not swipe or scan your GC. The question is what's the purpose of proving that specific entry. If it's for naturalization (N-400), you may have other documents that can prove your presence on U.S. soil from that date on.

I entered via land (both from Canada & Mexico) after short stays of less than 48 hours, and the CBP officer swiped my GC. In those cases, as my DHS records show my entry, but not the exit that preceded it, I kept bank statements that show transactions in the U.S. in 3-4 days prior to exiting the country.