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The Canadian consulate has returned my documents stating that I need to provide evidence to support my language proficiency.

Could somebody please provide a common sample letter that describes about english language skills? All my education is in english and I've been working in the US for the past 5 years.

Thanks for your help


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May be this will help you

This is the letter I wrote to Canadian Consulate General and they convenienced with this. May be this will help you.


Canadian Consulate General
Immigration Section
1251 Avenue of the Americas
New York, New York 10020-1175

Subject: Language Proficiency written explanation.

Dear Sir,

I am ………………………….. having 18 years of full-time education, my education was in English as the medium of education and nearly 5 years of work experience with communicating, writing and reading documents in English.

My highest level of education is Master of Technology from India’s top most Technological Institute. Starting from the elementary school English was one of my main courses in my full-time educational curriculum. All my college and university education was in English as the medium of Education. Canadian Council of Professional Engineers also assessed my educational qualifications. I am providing you photocopies of all my educational certificates.

Through out my 5 years of work experience in software development my role was to understand, prepare project specifications, developing software and prepare test plan documents. All the documents are written in English. When I was working in companies based in India, I was involved in developing many offshore software projects. Quite often I used to have meetings with our overseas clients who were mainly from U.S.A for gathering and understanding user requirements and to prepare project related documents. As part of project development I used to communicate with team members and offshore users quite regularly.

Currently I am living in USA for nearly 3 years and working with InfoTalent Consulting Inc., as Programmer/Analyst. As part of my job, I prepare reports, manuals and other documentation work in English. I extensively have discussions with other team members and with management in explaining the project related issues. I am providing photocopies of all my work experience explaining my designation and role in the project development.

I shall be glad to provide you any additional information upon request.

Yours sincerely


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I got this from the Operations Manual of the CIC on Skilled Worker Category:

Pursuant to R79(3), officers will award points based on the results of a language test from an
approved organization. Testing organizations are approved by the Minister’s delegate: the Director
of Economic Policy and Programs Division (SSE). Testing organizations will only be approved if they
meet the following criteria:
• Validity: A test must be appropriate for CIC purposes by evaluating proficiency in the four skill
areas (i.e., reading, writing, listening, and speaking) in functional English or French at all levels
from basic to high proficiency.
• Reliability: A test must produce consistently similar scores among candidates with similar
language proficiency. The different versions of a test must be at the same level of difficulty each
time the test is written.
• Integrity/security: An approved testing organization must meet security standards with respect
to the logistics of preparing test sites, registering of candidates, test writing, test marking,
sending out results, etc. Sufficient anti-fraud mechanisms must be in place for a test to be
• Availability: An approved organization must make tests available to applicants in areas of the
world where there is a demand for third-party language testing.


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NO u don need to take the test u can show the proof that your education was in ENGlish, working in US and did masters is the best proof to show proficiency in ENG.

If you have made reports or thesis or presented papers etc. attach a copy and write a letter like "SMSR" wrote.


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sp1976 said:
NO u don need to take the test u can show the proof that your education was in ENGlish, working in US and did masters is the best proof to show proficiency in ENG.

If you have made reports or thesis or presented papers etc. attach a copy and write a letter like "SMSR" wrote.

I guess the reason why CIC wants a third party language evaluation testing such as IELTS is that its results is conclusive, you need not explain things, then numbers (band in IELTS) speak for itself. If indeed you are proficient in English, no reason for you to forego with the test. In my honest opinion IELTS helps a lot, why would CIC require it if they don't consider it a major factor. Just an advice, do take your IELTS and make sure you score high, Band 7 or above and I assure you it would provide positive outcome on your application, provided all the other criteria were met.


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i know this is an old thread, but I am referring to what Smsr mentioned in his post regarding show English writing skills through reports - I have few reports too but they are company confidential - does anyone think that will be a problem when the officer views it? I don't work there anymore since last month but I am still contracted through my consulting company.
I don't know what other means I can show my English writing skills through my work experience.


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If you are claiming for language proficiency IELTS is a must.

Yes Rommelrb ..... Including with IELTS , the most accepted and most respected English-language test in the world is TOEFL test. Your best chance for success with the TOEFL test is to prepare and practice. If anyone get through this test then he/ she would be the best English professional...


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Test report form of English exam is very important to start the procedure of settling abroad. Glad to share our experience with marvel immigration for visa of my brother and cousin at the same time. Both got the stamped documents in just a month's time. Happy with their kind gestures and explaining all the forms and procedures in detail.