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Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding how exactly will CBP at Niagara POE be able to verify on the spot my new employment with my new company? I am planning on providing all necessary contact information of my supervisors and company executives of course. But here's the thing (...and I'm probably overthinking :)) I'm planning on going through the Niagara port of entry on Friday (26th) with all of my belongings and driving my car. Most likely I will be driving the whole night so I'm planning on leaving Toronto around 10-11 PM and be at the border crossing around 12-1AM. Now, this is obviously not business hours and work emails will not be replied to, phones not answered until Monday which is the day I need to start at the office.

Am I a bit paranoid in thinking that CBP officers will just easily deny me entry? I feel like if they ask me how can you prove the validity of your job offer there wont be much I will be able to demonstrate (apart from Supporting Letter drafted by me and my new boss). We did draft the letter in a format and with content that is appropriate for successful application as stated on US gov websites.

What else can I take with me as supporting documentation? Im in the process of leaving my job, apartment, hydro, internet, cable, cell accounts and if denied I will be devastated as it will not be easy for me to reverse everything back. It will also be a weekend and most likely people will be out of reach.

Any clarification as to what is the process in general by which border officers verify validity of the claim at POE, and perhaps clarification on the post-process (what happens after I enter with a TN stamped) would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you all in advance!


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What are the details of the Company?
How Big? Publicly traded? Corporate head office in US? History of hiring staff on TN/H1B/L1?
If a large multinational corporation with head office in US (Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, JP Morgan Chase, ExxonMobil, etc) chances maybe are better.
If a small (<100) and/or no history of hiring on TN/H1B/L1, then maybe chances are less.
No one can say for sure. I think it is more your education and the job description that need to meet the TN requirements, rather than company.
No one knows for sure what they actually do to verify the company.
Can you change your plans to cross during Mon-Fri business hours?


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Hi! Thank you for sharing insight.

I have the job posting printout, our original email trail, there's also a record of me flying there for an interview a few days ago (I'm sure the border officer will be able to see my entry/exit). I know these are not required but I will have them as supplementary docs in case if they start asking questions. Unfortunately it looks like I will not be able to arrange my travel any other way as I've already made arrangements at my destination.
Im stressing out like hell because I'm very meticulous and somewhat of a precisionist so I very much want to make sure I have all my bases covered.
The company is public although not a household name.
In terms of education and job description I am a match, since they extended the offer. This part I'm very confident in since I am in-fact knowledgeable in my field of expertise; I can provide sufficient proof of proficiency (portfolio of projects, certifications). Their internal job title is Data Scientist, however on the Supporting Letter I am applying for Data Scientist/Statistician position where the employer requires that applicant must hold a STEM degree (which I do, I'm BSc Mathematics) and describes skills required (which I do possess and can demonstrate evidence of). Mathematicians/Statisticians are listed in the NAFTA Appendix D as qualified professions.

I am planning on applying for SSN perhaps a week or so after. As far as I understand the I-94 that will be given to me when I cross at POE will be sufficient to be presented at my local SSA office.

Can anyone shed some light as to what do I as an employee and what the firm as the employer need to do once I start working? Will the gov of US request any docs/forms/proof from my employer/myself?

Full disclosure: I am not very comfortable with making decisions under uncertainty esp if heavy bureaucracy is involved :D


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Be prepared for uncertainty and lack of clarity when moving from Canada to US.
USCIS, CBP, DMV, IRS, State Tax dept, they all have their quirks. :)
Look up SSN application online, your passport number, I-94, etc is required.
On you first day on the job you will likely go through the E-Verify system, online system that you enter your date of birth, passport number, I-94, etc and it will verify with DHS that you are authorized to work in US (confirm you are on TN status). If not online you must do paper based I-9 employment verification, which asks same details. I received my first pay check before I received my SSN. (not sure how they did it).

Did an immigration law firm review your education, job offer and TN support letter?
If not, maybe ask your employer to pay for one. If your employer really wants you, I don't see why they would not pay for one.

Switching jobs is very stressful. Switch jobs with the uncertainty of TN approval is even more stressful. I fully understand where you are coming from.

But the facts are the facts, you can't change them now. You have already accepted this job offer, so it might as well proceed as planned.

The benefit of going through POE during business hours is that you should have more experienced CBP officer and supervisor (to escalate if necessary). If going through POE at midnight, it should not make a difference.

Let us know how it goes, Please post your experience next week.


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Thanks for your reply! Sorry I have a few more questions, clarifications rather...

I'm aware that to get paid SSN is required, and to get one with I-94 is a possibility which will be given to me at the border provided my TN is approved. However, I-9 and E-Verify systems are necessary for whom? My employer or required by USCIS? Or to be presented at the POE?
I will obviously report my SSN back to the company that hired me once I receive it.
To be frank I would want to avoid dealing with USCIS in any way as I understand it complicates the process further. As a Canadian citizen applying at a POE takes my application process through CBP, not USCIS, and thus relieves me of I-9 & I-797. Isn't that the case?
Were I to apply from within the US for a renewal or status change then I would have to go only through USCIS. Am I correct? Because my research has pointed to this state of affairs.

I'll report here as I find out more info and once I go through the process myself.

Thank you.


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I-9 comes later, once you get TN. TN is a business status, so go during business hours.

Hello Mister

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I9 is verification by your employer that you're working there legally and that a designated authority has validated the authenticity of your documents. Regardless of whether you get tn through CBP or USCIS , it's a required step in your employment