Employer's account has not be verified almost 2 months


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My employer created an account on Department of Labor's website in October in order to fill out Form 9089. However, we haven't got the acceptance email from DOL. I asked DOL and got a response that the account hasn't been verified. Does anyone have the same experience? How long dose it take usually for the account to be verified?


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The DOL has a special email designated for PERM Account set-up queries. From my experience, the DOL will either A.) issue a username and password within 48 hours of sign-up; or B.) they will audit the company's existence and ask for documentation such as FEIN documentation, tax returns, electric bills, etc. Have your employer email the DOL's help desk to ask for the status of their account if this issue has still not been rectified.
Hello. How did this end up for all of you? How long did it take to receive the email from DOL with the username, password and PIN? I am having the same situation and it has been 3 weeks already since the registration was made on the website.