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Discussion in 'PERM' started by abazzari, May 11, 2010.

  1. abazzari

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    My employer changed names in March 2010. They re-registered through PERM (with DOL) and has not yet received their email with the PIN to be able to log in to PERM. Is it normal for the regestration to take this long (~6 weeks)? Can some one give me an idea of how long it typically talkes to regester an employer? From what I could see online, it should take 2-4 weeks, but all links I found on this are older. Anybody with recent experience if you could share how long it took your company I would appreciate it.
  2. st4rguitar

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    The employer should email the DOL at plc.help@dol.gov and ask them why the registration has not yet been approved. We have had "freak" instances where DOL has taken a long time for some employers, but in a perfect world that wouldn't happen.
  3. williamslewis

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    PERM (Program Electronic Review Management) is an electronic processing system for filing labor certification applications for employment-based green-card.
    Under the PERM system, labor certification applications are almost always filed electronically and directly with the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL).

    Some of the benefits of PERM are that it requires less paper work and it’s much quicker since electronic filing reduces the time of collecting documents etc.
    PERM is considered to be stricter and a rule-based system, which is similar to current RIR requirements. It will require a pattern of recruitment.
  4. payamarchi

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    My employer registered on the PERM website, but he has not yet received PIN number or any email from DOL after 6 weeks. He sent an email to follow up, but no response so far. He tried to reach them by phone, he couldn't.

    Could you guys help me, any suggestion, or tell me what's the problem and what should he do?
  5. Timrose

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    Thanks for Sharing.
  6. payamarchi

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    My employer hasn't received his PIN after 50 days, he sent 2 emails and call twice, but no response from them, please give me advice, suggestion. it's so strange, I'm so confused what's wrong whit that..........
  7. crmnymus

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    Hello. How did this end up for all of you? How long did it take to receive the email from DOL with the username, password and PIN? I am having the same situation and it has been 3 weeks already since the registration was made on the website.

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