Emigrating to Australia


I want to emigrate to Australia (Nimbin or Perth)
Currently studying Cameraman/Editor. Graduating in August 2014.
My nationality by now is german (which I would like to change)
What is the progress I have to put myself through ?

Also welcome for information about jobs in Movie/TV production Down Under.


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Hi Dominik,

Only just saw your post...sorry to see noone else has replied sooner.

Have you checked out relevant details here yet:

You can apply for skilled migration under the points system, if you are getting sufficient points together.
It would mean you can get permanent residency before even arriving in Australia, which gives you the most flexibility in terms of where you want to work and live. It also means you do not have to stick to your qualified work, as opposed to taking the Temporary visa route, where a specific employer would nominate you to work for.

You do not necessarily have to give up on your German citizenship if down the track you want to take up the Australian citizenship (which is possible after only living there for two years after being a permanent resident visa holder).
I can guide you through the process, as I am a German-Australian dual citizen...and I went from being on a student visa to permanent residency to citizenship, all within 4 years.