Eligibility for EB-2 category

I have 3 years Bachelors degree from India and more than 17 years of total software development experience. Do I qualify for EB-2 category?
My company says that since I have 3 years of Bachelor and not the 4 years Bachelor degree, therefore, I do not qualify for EB-2 category.
My understanding was, in order to qualify for EB-2 category one needs to have a bachelor with more than 5 years of software development experience. Is that correct?
Could you please throw some light on this?
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I joined my company before completing my Masters degree, and they have filed for my grren card under Eb3 RIR , since i eventually finished my project work and completed my degree is there any way i can convince them to refile my petetion in EB2-RIR ...


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I guess your company has to get your educational evauluation done from some school and prepare report accordingly that your bs India degree is eqv to US BS degree then u r all set.
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If your 3 year degree is a BSc or a Diploma - what you need is an Education + Experience Evaluation. Just an Education Evaluation will not suffice. There are many private organisations who will verify your credentials and give you an appropriate evaluation certificate. These are normally recognised by the INS. The normal formula is that for every year that you are missing from your Education - 3 years of your experience needs to be taken out for compensation. Please note that it HAS to be Progressive experience.
-Sagar Shah