Education Loan For Children on H4 Visa


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I came to US in 2015 on H1B visa. As of today I have approved I-140 as well as my extension got approved recently. I have my dependents with me on H4 visa. I have a couple of questions for my child who is 16 years old and studying in 11th Grade.

1. Till what age can a child stay as my dependent on H4 visa? When do I have to convert his visa to student visa?
2. In couple of years my child's college education will start. Can I get an education loan for my child while he is on H4 visa?

Please share any information regarding this. Thanks !!


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1. 21
2. You may be able to find a private loan provider who is prepared to lend to someone on a visa. FAFSA and related funding is only available to USCs and LPRs. If you will not have managed to adjust status to LPR by the time your child starts college, it may be worth your while to spend time researching which colleges are generous with funding to international students (for example I know of an Indian student who got almost a full ride from Iowa State for an engineering degree).