EB5 applicants: stop wasting time and money


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If you consider EB-5, did you know that instead of waiting for 8+ years (if you're from China, India or Vietnam) and investing $0.5M or $1M you can get GC through purchase of a small business in USA? That gives you visa L1A and you should be able to move to the US within several months and get Green Card within a year! Your family is also covered and gets work authorization right after you move to the US. I just went through my 15-years journey on getting my GC and now selling my restaurant in Memphis TN area that would allow the buyer to make GC very fast.

EB-5 is BY FAR not the best way to get GC. xxxxxxxx
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Hey BetterThanEB5, could you please expand on the which business qualifies for L1A and are Canadian citizens eligible for this? Thanks in advance.