EB3 to EB2 : Registered Nurse to Nurse Practitioner


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I have currently open work permit (H4 - EAD) and recently finished my MSN (MS in Nursing) for Nurse Practitioner. There's employer who's willing to hire me as Nurse Practitioner and ready to file my green card. I have previously approved I-140 through one of the employer when they filed my green card in 2007 - the 485 was denied due to unavailability of Visa screen certificate but I-140 is still valid in EB3.

Now, if my priority date (Aug 2007) can be ported in EB2 (because MSN and 8 years of experience) my case will be current. I would like to know the case will be still filed as Registered Nurse or as Nurse Practitioner (Advanced Practice Nurse) ? As a Nurse Practitioner do i need Visa screen certificate for green card filing ? The reason I am asking for visa screen because it has one of the requirement of english language proficiency. Now with MSN degree I have already done schooling here so does that waive off english language proficiency exam and so visa screen ?