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    Hi All,

    My EB3 India 485 priority date is Jan 28 2002 and it has been current for last approx 4 months now(since January 2011 as per visa bulletin). So far I haven't heard anything from USCIS. The last time I had fingerprints was in 2007. My service center is Nebraska.

    I have tried various options to get a status on my 485. Last month I called the 800 number and opened a Service Request and the reply I got was:

    "We are actively processing this case. However, we have to perform additional review on this case and this has caused a longer processing time.....".

    After that I contacted my congressman and they also got the simillar reply.

    So two weeks ago I went to local USCIS office and status from the officer was:

    "Your(and 2 derivatives) case is pre-adjudicated but all 3 cases are with one officer and waiting for visa availability and your FP expires in Aug 2011."

    Is there anything else I can do? My case had been current twice in last 4/5 years but nothing happened and then EB3 got retrogressed. I don't want that to happen again this time.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advace..

    EB3 India, Nebraska Service Center

    Priority Date: Jan 2002
    I-140/I-485 Receipt Date: Apr 2005
    I-140: Approved in Aug 2005
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