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Discussion in 'PERM' started by Dileep Warrier, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. Dileep Warrier

    Dileep Warrier New Member

    Hello there,

    I currently hold a BS Engineering from Canada and am employed in the US.
    Thinking of starting my TN to GC application with my current employer under EB3.

    I have the following questions regarding this :

    1) Is it necessary to have a masters in engineering from a US university in order to qualify for EB2 ? For example, what if I pursue this MS/Meng from Canada and find a job that requires a masters degree ?

    2) As I understand, the EB2 to EB3 porting can be performed under the same priority date that was obtained initially with the EB3, correct ?

    I really just wanted to understand if the Masters in US or Canada makes a difference on these EB3 to EB2 porting applications -- anyone with input / advice on how to proceed ?

    Tuition is almost half in Canada :)

    Thanks a lot !

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