EB2 Transfer - Advice Please

If I\'m in the US on an E2 (Treaty Investor) is it possible to transfer to an H1B if I were to find a sponsor?
If yes, can my sponsor apply for H1B while I\'m in the US so I don\'t have to return to my home country?
Can I legally work for my H1B sponsor while transfering from E2?
Are there any issues I should be aware of?

b I appreciate any information you provide. Thanks!


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Any restrictions in terms of the kind of business ?

Could you please help me? How do you show the funds? Can you show your stocks and savings in the US besides some savings in your home country?
I am with a H1B visa, converting it to a F1 visa.
What are my chances?
Is is true you can apply for a E2 visa?
Same kind of situation

I am in the same kind of situation. Currently I have an E2 visa but I want to apply for a green card or somehow change it to a green card. Is this possible and does anybody have some experience with this?


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What is the process?

Could you please tell me what did you need to do to get the E2 visa? Wahat are the requisites? DOes the business have to be in your area of expertise?

Jim maccoy

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I am on the AOS stage from E2

You can apply GC from E2visa.
My case.
I am employed by forigin company.
They applied E2(as manager)for me,and i got it.(It was 11years ago)
I started GC proses 1999.
I-140 EB-1 ,multi-national manager.
RD 07/99
ND 05/00
RD 10/00
ND 11/00
EAD 03/01
FP 04/00
Approval ??/??
After I-140 approved,you can go AOS or CP to get GC.