EB2 Eligibility, Accountant/Financial Analyst Masters degree


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I’m a Canadian citizen based in Atlanta, GA. I work as a Senior Financial Analyst under TN status, “ACCOUNTANT” professional category. I have a US Masters Science degree in Finance. I have a Bachelors’ degree in Accounting & Finance from NZ. I also have 10 years professional working experience (7 in US and 3 overseas) before my current position.
The current prevailing wage for Accountants and Financial Analysts from online wage database is as follows:
Area Code:12060
Area Title:Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta, GA MSA
OES/SOC Code:13-2011
OES/SOC Title:Accountants and Auditors
Level 1 Wage:$22.80 hour - $47,424 year
Level 2 Wage:$29.31 hour - $60,965 year
Level 3 Wage:$35.83 hour - $74,526 year
Level 4 Wage:$42.34 hour - $88,067 year
Mean Wage (H-2B):$35.82 hour - $74,506 year
Financial Analysts:
Area Code:12060
Area Title:Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta, GA MSA
OES/SOC Code:13-2051
OES/SOC Title:Financial Analysts
Level 1 Wage:$23.93 hour - $49,774 year
Level 2 Wage:$31.24 hour - $64,979 year
Level 3 Wage:$38.55 hour - $80,184 year
Level 4 Wage:$45.86 hour - $95,389 year
Mean Wage (H-2B):$38.55 hour - $80,184 year
My current salary is higher than the Level 3 prevailing wage for both Accountants & Financial Analysts.
Based on the above facts, would I be eligible for an EB2 category in the Labor certification process.


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Whether the position is EB2 or EB3 needs to be decided by hiring company based on its prior recruitment history. Above mentioned job code 13-2011 & 13-2051 falls under job zone 4 with SVP range of 7-8. For these positions the maximum education and work experience requirements allowed by DOL are bachelors degree plus 2 years of experience OR masters degree plus 0 year experience. Any job set up with requirement beyond these would call for business necessity requirements.