EB1 OR I140 from Sep 03 at CSC got approved


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Hi all,

I just got e-mail from my lawyer that my I140 got approved. LUD for my case got changed on 9/24/03 but no change in status, also when I called the 800 number to check about the case they told me that its being processed and that they can not send an official inquiry yet. Details of my case:

EB1 OR non concurrent 140 at CSC
RD: Sep 24, 2003
ND: Sep 26, 2003
LUD: was 9/26/03 for a year and changed to 9/24/04- no status change
EDU: PhD from US State University
EXP: 3 years after the degree

Thanks to everyone in the forum. See you in I485 forum. :) :) :) :) :) :)


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Congratulations! Some questions!!

Could you please share more of your information with us? For example, are you in University of in Company? How many papers do you have? Is your background very strong? Your major is chemistry? What do you think is the key to your OR approval? Who did the petition for you? The attoney from your university or Company? or the attoney you got by yourself?

I heard in these months, Outstanding Professor or Researcher (OR) is getting harder than before. What do you think?

My university submitted I-140 OR on November, 2003 for me. I am still waiting.

Thanks a lot.