EB Green Card for already divorced wife


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I need suggestions from the forum on my following situation.

I married my ex wife in India in 2007. She came to US on a H4 visa and then Green Card process started for both of us (I-485 filed). She is the dependent on my Employment Based GC application. Things did not work for us. So we were divorced in 2010 in the US court.

My immigration lawyer followed the rules. The lawyer mentioned that I have nothing to do with my wife's 485 application as it is an independent application and there is no need for me and I should not tell USCIS about my ex's 485 application. Based on my lawyers suggestion, I did informed USCIS that I was divorced. Just to update records from my end. This record update happend while converting from EB3 to EB2 and then a new Labour and I-140 process. So in the new file my record was divorced. I got my GC approved last year in Aug. At the same time my ex wife's GC also got approved. I know this because I saw the online status then.

I was never in contact with my ex after the divorce. I do not know where she lives in the US. Also, my ex in laws and ex wife kept so many false dowry cases on my entire family in India. It includes my parents, brothers, sisters , uncle, aunt.

Her 485 online status which was "Approved" earlier now says that "Your application transferred to local USCIS. INTIAL REVIEW".

I am assuming that her address (AR11) was not updated. When she came to know about her GC approval online she would have called USCIS and would have notified a change in address or card not delivered request. USCIS would have asked her some questions and so status I see now is "Intial Review"

I wanted to know from the forum what is going on with her 485 application.

Please advise.