EB-1 EA Criteria


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EB1-EA Covering Letter tips

These are some of the important ones should be taken care while preparing the covering letter:

1. Prizes or awards for excellence in the alien's field:
-the number of awardees or prize recipients as well as any regional limitations on competitors
-awards with national recognition will probably be reported in the media-check

2. Membership in Associations:
-membership is limited solely to those who have been judged by their peers as having attained outstanding achievements in the field for which classification is sought.

3. Published Material:
-circulation and the intended audience of the publication.
-how the alien is one of that small percent who have risen to the very top of his or her field.
-accomplishments should be the focal point of the published material.

4. Judge of the work of others:
-alien's outstanding ability as a judge
-evidence that an alien has been asked to review scientific or scholarly articles written by others
-submit an explanation of the significance of the alien's experience in judging the work of others in the field

5. Alien's contributions to the field.
-submit evidence of the beneficiary’s original contributions of major significance to the alien's field of endeavor.
-peer-reviewed presentations at academic symposia or peer-reviewed articles in scholarly journals that have provoked widespread commentary
-unsolicited requests for copies of the alien’s scientific abstracts or published research papers
-citation index which cite the alien's work as authoritative in the field
-reviewer for a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
-widespread commentary and /or received acclaim from others working in the field of endeavor

7. Display of the alien's work
-exhibition or showcase was itself of such significance as to be probative of the fact that the alien has sustained national or international acclaim in his or her field of expertise.


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Employed as Senior Manager--EB1 Eligible ?


If I am employed as a Senior Manager by a reputed frim, Can I apply as EB1 ?


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I have been working as a consultant for a major transit system in this country since 5 years and they are willing to employ me.I have an engineering degree but my service is rendered for the area of projects improving security.These are of national important and funded by DHS,FRA etcc..

Would i qualify for EB1 if i get letter from the above mentioned federal organizations,I am holding an Engineering degree with 13 years of experience.

Please advise...

I don't think this will necessitate for the criteria for EB1 (this is my opinion from my experience so far) since you got to have outstanding academia accomplishments. Probably you will fit in EB2-NIW


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Hi, all,

Having been waiting for labor certificate for many years and less than 2 years left on my H1B, I am considering to pursue EB1-EA. However, I am not sure if I qualify for it. My credentials are:

- PhD in CS (USA)
- Reivewer for 3 journals
- Reviewer for 3 conferences
- 1 journal paper (first author)
- 6 conference papers (first author)
- 7 conference papers (co-author)
- 5 citations
- 3 poster presentations (a regional science and business exposition)
- 3 professional memberships

As for the 3 memberships (IEEE, ACM, MICCAI), they are not those associations which require the judgement by recognized experts as indicated in I-140.

My questions are:
1. Do I qualify for EB1-EA?
2. If so, is it worth for me to go with PP?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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EB! EA or OA


I have a question regarding EB1 EA/OA. I have a PhD in Electrical Engineering. I have some publications (8 journals, 20 conferences) all in very reputable journal/conferences. Reviewed some Journal papers (different journals), No major prize, 10 recommnedations (decent), one patent, Membership: IEEE, phi kappa phi, OSA

I wanted to see if any one has opinion about risk factors of EA vs OA. I would rather to apply without sponsor which leaves me with only one category which is EA, but I would like to check if the risk is a lot higher that OA.



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I have a PhD in Biotechnology with more than 14 papers in international journals and about presented in 10 conferences. I have worked more than 10 years in this field in three different countries including US. Postions served include honorary visiting professor/Research associate, scientist . I have also got one prestigious fellowship by USIS and one from CSIR. I want to apply for EB1 self petition.
My main problem is the following. I took a masters in computer science and switched to IT about 8 years ago. Since then I have been working in IT. I have got an EB2 I140 aproved in IT field and I am stuck in the retrogression Queue.
Now my lawyer tells me I can file EB1.
All my publications are a bit old (until 1999) but I saw one of my co-authored journal paper published in 2003. I have sent emails to all my collegues in US now and and I got about five to six people ready to give local references. I have more than 6 or 7 international references. Do you think I can get EB1?


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TO be honest, it would be difficult as you have not contributed continously on your filed. You cannot gurantee that you would contribute, because you have already changed the filed. To make things worse, your publications are too old.


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TO be honest, it would be difficult as you have not contributed continously on your filed. You cannot gurantee that you would contribute, because you have already changed the filed. To make things worse, your publications are too old.

I agree with skvadivel. For NIW and EB1, uscis expect alien to continue in the same field.However, there is no harm in making attempt if you are ready to spend time and money.Good luck.


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I-140-EA approved. Thinkink to interlink my I-485 from NIW but approved I-140-EA says:
The above petition has been approved. The person this petition is for will be notified separately when a decision is reached on his or her pending adjustments of status application.


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J1 to EB1/EB2

I am new in forum. I would like to apply for an EB1/EB2 (self), I wonder if I will qualify for that since my case is not strong, Here is my situation:

I am currently on J-1 visa and I am not subject to 2-year home residency requirement.
PhD from Sweden, postdoc from US, Research Scientist through an university announcement and an interview.
A journal reviewer.
10 referred journal publications with impact number between 1.6-3.3 and 8 conference papres. Most of them, I am the first author. Total citations about 17.
I have received full grant for participating in two schools (Italy and Finland).
I have been working in my field for 8 years and I have 7 years teaching experience.
Co-PI for an NSF grant, it will be submitted on Feb 2008 based on two recently publications.
I have also some local fellowships which I think I can not use them.

I really appreciate your help and comments. Please share your experience.

Thank you in advance.


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Was the NSF grant funded or are you just submitting one? The latter is probably almost meaningless. My lawyer recommended 60+ citations for EB2-NIW. But people have gotten approvals with less according to my lawyer. It really depends on what research you do. Is it of national importance? If you build nuclear reactors your research most like IS of national importance. If you do research on medieval history, it will probably be more difficult to prove the relevance for the NIW category.

EB1-EA seems to be quite a bit more difficult than EB2-NIW.


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Thank you nscagony. I have a plan to submit the proposal to NSF and I will receive a reply sometime in summer 2008. in this case I should not mention it. my research is on magnetic material and photonics I had also a collaboration with a US company (making thin films for them).
my question is do i qualify for EB1 or EB2? one more thing my contract will end in April 2008.

Thank you again for any comments.


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Hi All,
I am now a Research Scientist at a University.
I am a MS gold medalist from the Univ of Bombay.
I did my PhD from India.
I have been a SN Dhalla and JN Tata Endowment awardee from India.
I have been a Postdoc, Research Associate and now Research Scientist (7 years).
I have 9 publications, 6 first authors. One first and one second author paper is in the prestigious Nature cellbiology journal.
My papers (all 9 included) have been cited 149 times.
2 of my have been listed on Faculty of 1000.
I have been funded twice with Postdoc fellowships.
I have been awarded 3 travel awards and have been invited to present my work at 5 conferences.
I have 8 recommendation letters, 4 from chairs of depts at leading US universities.

I am in the process of writing for an NIH grant as the PI (will know its staus only in Jun2008)
I am also in the process of applying for tenure track faculty position.

I do think from my reading that I will be eligible for the EB2-NIW. Do you think I will be stand a chance with EB1-OR or EB1-EA ???

I was intending to file for EB2-NIW and since I am from a country that is affected by the retrogression in the EB2 category I wanted to know if a tenure track faculty position comes through if I could apply under the EB1-OR or EA category a few months down the line. Is it possible to apply for two I140 and be considered for both, under different categories??

Will appreciate your insights and help.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Ria 2000,
The processing times vary. Mine takes about 9 months and is with AAO.

Did you get a reply?



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based on the readings in this forum and also some research on different sites, we find that my wife (who is a researcher at a university) qualifies for the EB1 filing. Currently she is on H1 sponsored by the university but she is leaving her position soon and shifting to H4 status (i have H1 as well).

Can we file for an EB1 GC for her once she is on H4?


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I have been working as a consultant for a major transit system in this country since 5 years and they are willing to employ me.I have an engineering degree but my service is rendered for the area of projects improving security.


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For all those wondering whether they qualify for EB1 or not, I recommend to speak with a lawyer.
I have spoken with many, and it appears that its all 'word' game. I have also been unanimously told that the 'support letter' are THE most important determinants of application. If there are independant letters, letters from prestigious institutes, perhaps one international letter, one from a prestigious society, the case is stronger. The letterhead is more important that who is writing!!! I have also been told that 50% of cases come back with Request for more Evidence (RFE) and usually majority of them are approved later.


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Am I qualify for EB-1

I have master degree in Computer Science from europe. Now I am in USA

3 papers are published in the proceedings of highly reputed peered international conferences

1 paper is published in a reputed peered journal.

Have experience in three different research institutes.

Total 6 citations

5 years of research experience in europe
1 and half years of research experience in USA

At my work place, I am member of a research group (could be called professional organization collaborated with about 8 international research institutes) . Only a very re-known researcher can only be added in the members list.

My current project is available for download at sourceforge. It has about 120 downloads. Only one user (in UK) has reported us about her experiences. Three of my research papers are related to this project. Forth one I am writing these days.

The project is also patent to me, my two other fellows and our university.