Early TN Visa extension

My TN visa is expiring in Aug 2019 and I have like 4 months. I would like to go to the border and request a new TN (from the same company) in order to get a 3 year extension. My question is Will I be able to extend my TN visa early enough by getting a new TN visa from the same company?
I am a canadaian and have a job offer in USA (joining in June). I can't risk leaving my canadian current employer until I get a TN visa without any issues. Can I now travel to a POE get a TN visa and return back to Canada? In June 1st week when I go back will I have to go thru same TN process?
Thank you and greatly appreciate your support in this community. Its amazing what you have been doing for us... please help me with these questions.

I am first time TN visa applicant. My new employer is ready to file an I129 in premium processing.
  1. Once I get the I129 approved can I quit my current job in Canada?
  2. For one of such members, you replied saying to wait until he gets I-94 to leave the current job but how its possible can you please explain?
  3. I-94 is given only if I arrive on USA soil right? How can I come back and wait for 2 more weeks notice period and give a notice to my current employer?
  4. Say for eg: My joining date is 7th July and I get my I129 approved by June 21st, when can I travel to get my I94?
  5. After getting my I94 if I return back to Canada don't I have to get another I94 when I go back?
maybe i'm wrong, but...

I-129 TN application is only for changing the status of a person who is already within the USA

If you are currently outside the USA, you are expected to present yourself at a USA Port of Entry and make a normal TN application. If your application is approved, you are given an I-94 valid for the duration of your TN Visa status. You may leave & re-enter the USA on that same I-94.

The TN visa is intended for people who are entering the USA to begin work immediately. If the CBP discovers you have an intention to immediately return to Canada and continue working there, they will likely reject your application and tell you to try again only after you have quit your job.


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Incorrect grant, I-129s -- even for TNs -- can be submitted for those outside US (in many cases this is the only way to get a work permit). There is no requirement for the beneficiary to be in US, unlike I-539 which is a CHANGE of current valid status.
Also, it os quite possible to get a TN before quitting previous jib (one would be a fool not to), by driving to the border, getting the TN, contacting you new employer after crossing (in essence reporting for work), and then going back to Canada and finishing work/packing, etc.
@nelsona thanks
One more question, my work location in chicago, but I am planning to apply for my TN status in Rainbow bridge location. Is that a problem? Why I ask, I might get my TN status and return back to Canada in another 2 days. Please confirm.