EAD timelines

Applied in jan 31
Biometrics feb
Interview march
Decision april 11 referred to court
Ead applied after 151 days in july got denied( reason applied less than 150days)
Applied again 184th day in August denied(same reason less 150days)
Waiting for my MCH
No EAd yet am on 226 today
This is very strange. Don’t know why they keep rejecting your application even though u applied after 150 days. Is your EAD clock still running, did h check in the website?
Still running dear. Am on 226 days today. Baffles me though. I have engaged my lawyer but i want to hold on on the EAD till after my MCH. If one application is denied does one have to wait for certain no of days before reapplying or can do so immediately the denial mail comes? I keep wondering why they denied the second one even when i did that in 184days. Am tired of assuming. Any advice?