EAD Filing Question 14&15


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When i joined my spouse i was in h4 visa,after AOS, i got a job using EAD, let me know how to fill this Question?

Q14: Manner of Last Entry???

if i enter thru h4 visa, what should i put ?

Q15: current Immigration status???

Curently working on EAD, what should i put?

appericate your advice.


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If you entered on H-4, you would need to write.... H-4 !!!

Q15: Current status would be "Adjustment of Status" or "AOS Applicant" or something of that nature (any would do).


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I'm sorry but I always paper-file because it's easier for me (just send everything off at once and not worry about getting a fingerprint notice - I just mail off a package and wait for the card). So I've never seen an e-file page. However, I know that your particular question has been asked before on these forums, so if you do a search you may be able to find it... Sorry I couldn't be of any more help. But I don't think the answer is to leave it H4 because you are actually not in H-4 status anymore since you are working.