EAD card : second job


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hi , i have downgraded from EB2 to EB3 , i got my EAD card (eb3) from full time employer . my h1 visa is still valid till 2023.

my question is can i work for another fulll time job , i am on EST timezone, other job is on PST, there are 4 hours overlap only between my first and second job.

the other job is a small company , but they are hiring full time only.

i have read my current employment handbook, and hr confirmed that u can work for a second job until there is a conflict of interest.

Conflict of interest mention, working at same time schedule, does that mean i cannot work for the second job even if there is 4 hours overlap. do I need to inform my current
employer or second job employer?

also what about w4 form, should i change w4 for the current employer for the second job and also same for the second job?

i am also getting the opportunity for a 1099 contract job, can I work for 1099 at the same time.

my i-140 and i - 485 is pending still?

please advise