EAD approved but card was sent back, can I work?


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Hi, got my EAD approved on the 29th of November and I got my notice of action the 30th.
It says on the notice that my ead is valid from 11/29/2018-11/29/2019.

Since my EAD got sent back I have read it can take months before they resend my card.
My employer is going to be my father in-law so he knows what is happening and said that I can start working with him without the card as long as it is approved.
Does anyone know if I can start work without the physical card? Or can it backfire on me?


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Why was your EAD sent back?
I moved a couple of months back.
I did change my adress through AR11 but I kept my previous mailing adress because we didn't have a mailbox setup yet.
So what I think happened is that they won't forward it to my new adress.
I went to the site now and changed my mailing adress to the same as my adress but it said online they will have it approved by the 26th.
I guess all I can do is to wait until they have gotten the EAD back and then call and talk to them.

From what I have read though I will probably not get it until Feb-May next year, urgh.

One would think that if they won't allow forwarding they shouldn't allow a different mailing adress from your physical one. My mistake I guess.

Worth mentioning too is that I have gotten all my other immigration documents, including the notice of action, to my forwarded adress, so I had no idea I couldn't do that, I thought everything was okay.


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This is what it looks like. I'm not too sure if that means it was returned? Maybe it would say returned to sender?
Maybe they are just having a hiccup and accidentally sent it back to MO?

Return to sender..PNG


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Nope it was returned to sender but not for the reason I thought.
According to USPS the package was marked as unrecognizable, a USPS f*ck up.


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So I called USCIS and they said that it was not marked as undeliverable but it seems like it got sent back to them as if the return adress was the receiving adress, so in other words not any fault of mine.

The beautiful part of it though is that now I have to suffer the consequences and they said that it will take 15-30 days for them to send it back, if I am lucky.(People around the country are saying it takes 2 months+).

I can not even describe right now how upset I am. I filed in May and it have taken them until December to issue my EAD and on top of that USPS send it back.