E2 visa for self employed Amazon.com seller?

Hi I am a UK citizen.
I sell $400,000 worth of goods on Amazon.com to US buyers all while I am here in the UK. I abandoned the idea of the EB5 route to a green card a long time ago after the reality of so much risk, so much money for such little guarantee . Now I am thinking can I do the E2 work Visa route then change that to a H1B as somebody who is self employed so that I can get the green card that way? Or perhaps given that I am a sole TRADER, I should go for the E1 and then the H1B after that? Surely just because it is online, it can't be ignored that I am a businessman and that I am running a business selling to US people in the US which the US takes a cut of?


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No route either as far as I can see - it is an online business, you’re not necessarily creating jobs for Americans and you don’t have to be in the US to conduct your business.
If I would buy an LlLC that is an amazon seller company in USA. I can go to E1 route ? although the investment is nearly 50k and substantial trade is 30$ monthly.