E2 employee would like to start additional business

Michelle G

New Member
My husband and I are originally from the UK but currently living in California on an E2 visa. My husband is not the investor, but an employee of of the investor company.

My husband would like to start an additional self-employed online business in addition to his current employment. We are aware that this is not permitted on his current E2 visa.

What we are unsure of is what our options are. Are there any other Visas that permit freelance employment in addition to the company sponsored employment? The company may be open to applying for a different visa if necessary. Or, as an E2 employee for a company, can my husband apply for his own E2 investors visa for his own company and still keep his current visa at the same time? Or finally, if neither of those are options, could he set up the website as a UK company and just deal with the double taxation?

Any advice would be really appreciated. He's got a great idea with a lot of potential, but at the moment has no way of making it a reality!