E2 dependent form I-765 question!

Hi there,

My husband is an E2 dependent while I am the main applicant. He needs to apply for I-765 in order to get his EAD. My question is: on the I-765 they require the I-94 arrival/departure number for his most recent entry in the US and he needs to attach it to the i-765 application. Does he need my i-94 as well to attach? I haven’t entered yet on the E2 visa, do I need to get my I-94? Is he required to attach mine as well as his when filling out form i-765 or he can just present my E2 visa page, the bio page and the marriage certificate? What additional documents does a dependent need to provide while filling form i-765?
? He can’t be your dependent on that visa if you haven’t yet entered on it. Am I misunderstanding something?
As of today we both have an E2 visa in our passports! Mine says main applicant and his says dependent. So I have to enter under the E2 status and get my i-94 on the E2 status in order for him to be able to enter as a dependent under the same E2 status?