E2 Approved in Toronto

Hi all

Glad to inform I was approved for an E2 in Toronto recently.

As background:
- Canadian citizen
- Was on TN as a lawyer at a law firm
- While on TN, I worked within the confines of my TN status to start investment and business plans to begin my own firm.
- Total investment is approx. $170,000.00 spent/at-risk plus $100,000.00 cash in my business operating account.

- I use a great law office in Buffalo, NY that specialized in Canadians obtaining US visas and have been using them since my first TN in 2012.
- It took several months on my end to obtain the appropriate evidence and documents that made a clear indication of investment. Between my lawyer and myself, there was essentially 2 lawyers working on it, so it was absurdly detailed and backed-up: 1 1-inch binder and 2 2-inch binders of documents and evidence.
- Once I got the info to my lawyer, signed the documents and applied online, the State Dept. reached out via email within 2-days with routine follow up questions.
- 7 to 10 days after that I received an email from the Toronto consulate to schedule my appointment and booked it for the following week.
- Toronto consulate has a great professional set-up for E-Visa applicants. You are escorted to a specific area for E-Visas only. I was met with one individual who didn't say a word and collected my passport, which made me understandably nervous.
- 10-minutes later I had my interview. My interviewer was polite and asked questions that showed he clearly reviewed my documents and as a lawyer myself, I thought his questions were well thought out. He was friendly but very professional and was well prepared.
- I was sent over to pay and only realized then that I was approved as the cashier congratulated me.
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