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  1. nehamittal

    nehamittal New Member


    I have done Ph.d. from India in forest genetics. During my ph.d. I published around 12-14 international and national research papers. I have one international book published as well. I have attended 7-8 national and international conferences and presents my research in them. I have been awarded young scientist award and secure the first position in international forestry conference. Currently, I am about to complete first year of my Ph.d. from UNC Charlotte, USA. I want to apply for my green card. What should be best option for me to apply? EB1 or EB2 or NIW?

    Your immediate response will be highly appreciable.

  2. felixgage

    felixgage New Member

    The EB2 National Interest Waiver (NIW) and all EB1 groups (Extraordinary Capability, Excellent Specialist or Lecturer, and International Professional or Manager) do not need work certificate. For the EB2 remarkable capability classification (not EB2 NIW), your company can publish the Type I-140 petition only after acquiring work certification from U.S. Division of labor.

    The EB1-Extraordinary Capability and EB2 NIW groups can be self-petitioned, i.e., you do not even need provider of career and your company's support. But for EB2 outstanding specialist or lecturer petition, you need a job offer and your company's sponsorship.

    The opportunity for NIW petition does not have to be very filter. You can publish both NIW and EB1-EA applications at the sometime to enhance your acceptance opportunity, if you fulfil their certification specifications. If you are from a visa retrogressed nation, such as Indian or Chinese suppliers, then EB1 classification is more suitable path, so waiting for processing I-485 form is much shorter.

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