E-visa for my child having an OCI card.


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I am in the following situation and seeking your help and suggestions.

I am working on an H1B work visa and my wife is on H4 dependent visa and she is not working.

My 5-year is a US citizen and has an OCI card. We previously travelled to India a couple of times on the OCI card. In Jan 2019, we renewed their US passport as they completed 5 years, and until recently, I had no idea that we need to renew the OCI card based on the new US passport for a minor.

We have a travel plan coming up in Sep 2019, and looking at the wait times at CKGS, I don't think I can get the OCI card renewed before our travel.


In July 2019, we are blessed with our second child, and we are about to receive the US passport. Again, based on the wait times in CKGS, I don't think I can get a OCI card issued for him before we travel to India.


I am thinking of two options -
1. Get e-visa for both children and travel to India and then get them renewed and converted to OCI card for my first child and second child respectively.
2. Fly to the assigned Indian embassy in the US and get the OCI card issued for both in person.

My questions
1. Can an e-visa be granted for a child who already has an OCI card and renewed US passport? If yes, I would save the effort to not fly to the assigned Indian embassy.
2. Where in India can we get this e-visa to OCI conversion done?
3. If so, what are the repercussions in the future of taking an e-visa now, if any, for my first child who already has an OCI card?
4. Should I take both of my children to the Indian embassy to issue OCI cards by appointment?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.