Dv visa lottery winner 2017

Help please.
My wife and I we applied for form 1-485 trough diversity visa lottery 2017 my wife she got her green card and my application still pending i got work authorization. My question do I need to fill for i-130 or i need to wait. Thanks a lot


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DV2017???? Didn’t you previously post about being a DV2018 selectee?

Anyway, regardless of which year it was, that petition is actually not pending, it is considered effectively denied since the FY (be it 2017 or 2018) is over and no further action will be taken on such pending petitions. And the work authorization is no longer valid, so you’ll need to stop working (unless the EAD you’ve been using is your asylum based one).

Your wife may be able to sponsor you by filing an I-130.