DV no arrest, no charge, no conviction.


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I wrote on this site earlier about this topic, but I think I wrote in the wrong forum.

I came on a K1 visa, married in 90 days, filed for my 2 yr GC, accepted - that was 2016.
End of 2017, the wife and I have marital problems because of an old girlfriend that would email and say negative things. I never responded to her, but my wife was angry, took my phone and in the scuffle, she scratched my neck; her arm got bruised. Cops were called, but neither of pressed charges, no arrest.

Few days later she went to court and filed a restraining order, ex-parte. She was told she could serve it, but really could not. She didn't let me know for days and long story short; the judge served me. I filed a motion to terminate the order, and we had a hearing.

The judge wrote in his order to terminate:
1. Terminate the personal protection order dated Jan. 2018
2. Circumstances do not exist that would require a continuation of the term of the order
3. The motion to terminate the protection order is granted. The court clerk shall complete and file the Removal of Entry from Lein (form MC 239) with the law enforcement agency named in the last order.

I had mentioned the address change to USCIS when I moved into an apartment and again when I moved back to our house. The judge told me I had not violated the order b/c I stayed away from my wife once served by the judge. I did not plead guilty and no diversions. There aer no disposition papers b/c it was not criminal and nothing came out of it.

I file for removal of conditions and get my 10 GC.
Filed N-400 answered no to #23 and #24 Section 12
Had interview and passed the test. A decision cannot be made and we will write you listed on my paper.

I told the officer when asked about things.
What next?