DV Charges Terminated

Hello, my husband and I have been married over three years and the relationship has seen it's share of ups and downs. I am the USC, my husband recently filed for ROC, received extension later and completed biometrics, no GC yet. Almost 2 years ago we were both treating each other badly, I petitioned the court and was granted a personal protection order ex parte. I decided to drop the case and never had him served, eventually the judge served him and we both went to court were I motioned to terminate the order and the judge granted this request made by both myself and my husband. There was no arrest, no violation on his part, no fingerprints taken. We were both given a slip of paper to carry with us so not to be in trouble with the police if driving together and pulled over - this is because his name was registered with the state police, prohibiting him from owning a firearm. He had moved out and rented an apartment (notified USCIS of address change), but moved back in with me (notified them again), all within the period of three weeks. After this we (not the judge), decided to go to counseling (didn't last long) and have both realized our mistakes, no further conflicts or dealings with the legal system. The judge never really said anything other than you both want this dropped...yes...and then he said motion to terminate granted.

Previously, we used an attorney for the adjustment of status. When I spoke with her she advised we be honest about the address change, but didn't see any need to list or say that my husband was involved in any criminal act since there was no arrest or violation of anything. I have several questions: 1.) Will this hurt his petition to remove conditions? 2.) When it comes time for him to file the N-400, does he have to mention the PPO, since this was a civil case? 3.) What are the chances he will be denied or asked to leave the country if any? Neither of us are proud of our actions, but it happened and we've become stronger in our relationship. Thanks for any advice.