DV case on my wife while applying on my Residency. HELP!!


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Me and my wife are very stressed right now, I went to deportation court today and we asked for time to get evidence of why my case was denied. We do not know until the information arrives and for some reason I can not know through the uscis services. I had to write a letter to mail me a copy of it.

-Back in Feb2017 my wife got a DV charge, when we were going out.
-Then on August 2017 we got married. Started the process on April of 2018 to get my adjustment of status and my work permit.
-I was asked for more supporting evidence because my wife did not make enough money that year, so her sister's info was sent to help with it
-I received my work permit already but then at the beginning of this month(dec 2018) I received a letter from immigration stating I had court for a deportation. Went today and asked for preparation time to get more info on why my case would be denied. because nobody know what happened yet.
-As of now just waiting on the file to arrive an see why it got denied

-My wife is a citizen, the dad was a citizen. My wife was married before and had some DV cases previously that are expunged. But still has a breakage of property case from 2016 (cell phone from previous marriage) and the DV case from feb2017 while being with me, active. Is this going to affect her in any way? Or my application for Residency?
-We are very worried, I do not want to apply through VAWA because then it will start some relationship problems , since my wife does not want to stay married if I apply through the DV, and honestly I don't even know if I apply through it.
-Any advice? we are very worried on our case and would like to stay together and stay as a family