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DV 2024 Fiji Cases


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Bula vinaka and welcome to this thread.
This thread is for Fiji selectees of DV 2024. The information shared here could be useful for regional as well as national data analysis by experts who work selflessly to add clarity on how the DV process works.

I am Fiji national but living abroad and have a CN 40XX.
Submitted DS260 within a week of receiving the results.
Does anyone know how high has the CN gone up to in Fiji?
Fiji is part of the OC region. AFAIK, there is no such thing as tracking how the CN has gone up in Fiji.
Bula @Sm1smom. Got to know about you from @Britsimons videos. Amazing work you guys do. Thank you for your generosity.

My case number is 2024OC23xx first time winner. Not sure how this is going to play out this year but keeping our fingers crossed.

Bula @SammyFiji. Thanks for creating this thread.