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DV 2007 Tracker

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by GCard_Dream, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. GCard_Dream

    GCard_Dream Registered Users (C)

    If you are the lucky winner of DV2007 and have recieved the first letter, would you please inform us the date you received your first letter and your country of origin.

    Lot of us are just hoping and praying that we get selected and desparately waiting for that first letter. Your information might give us some clue as to when the letters are supposed to be arriving and if there is still any possibility that one of us might receive that letter, which I have been waiting for past 7 years :( .

    Please feel free to post any information with regard to DV 2007.

  2. kenya07

    kenya07 New Member

    seems we are in the same stressfull situation..............waiting and hoping. soon as i get mine i'll let you know.......... :)
  3. SBI1

    SBI1 Registered Users (C)

    When are the letters suppose to start to arrive?
  4. horizon67

    horizon67 Registered Users (C)

    This is my fifth year I apply. Will keep you posted once I hear anything.
  5. GCard_Dream

    GCard_Dream Registered Users (C)

    I believe that letters are supposed to start arriving at the end of this month or may be early next month. Since the filing deadline this year was December as opposed to January last year, I would expect letters to come a little bit faster this year than last year but who knows. We are talking about USCIS.

    If anyone else has more info, please let us know. Thanks.
  6. adesoji

    adesoji Registered Users (C)

    We cross our fingers

    usually pple that use US Addy get first. It sometimes May,June and goes to the late August.

    If the DV is not eliminated this yr, then we have 2 to 3 months to wait.

    i wish we all win (and not with high #).
  7. kenya07

    kenya07 New Member

    Nl letters

    I've been checking some other forums and people are claiming to have received Nl for dv07. I'm not sure how true that is though.......... :confused:
  8. GCard_Dream

    GCard_Dream Registered Users (C)

    That's a great news. What are those sites or forums where you got that info? Please let us know if you find out more.

  9. Mishel

    Mishel Registered Users (C)

    Those are fake postings. Some worthless creatures are trying to create some sensations.
  10. toton

    toton Registered Users (C)

    No letters will be recieved before the 1st of May,
    Hope that we all get it.

    Anyone knows a figure out of the percentage of one winning the GC? is it like 1 out of 1,000 , one out of 1,000,000 or .....
  11. spicegirl

    spicegirl Registered Users (C)

    There is still hope for those of us waiting for DV lottery. Per my conversation with a KCC staff member, they are already sending out notification letters, so keep looking in your mail box!
  12. lost2000

    lost2000 Registered Users (C)

    spicegirl, I hope you are right...
    I'm in deep water as my H1B is in 6th year... employer didn't even file for the LC for me. To stay, I'm putting lots of hope into this DV - even though the odd is really SLIM to NONE as this is like my 5th year trying...

  13. penguincafe

    penguincafe Registered Users (C)

    This was my 8th year of applying & I had all but given up... then I received a DV-2007 NL April 6th 2006. I am located in the US. My coutry of origin is Australia, & I will be pursuing CP. I plan to return the first documents to KCC via FedEx today.

    Good luck to everyone else, I hope you receive your letters soon!
  14. Mofesimitireni

    Mofesimitireni Registered Users (C)

    Received 2007 dv letter?

    Penguin, u mean u've received 2007 dv letter? When was it written and posted? But the news should be on travel.state.org that the 2007 result is out. Where online can we read the news of the released result? Thanks.
  15. penguincafe

    penguincafe Registered Users (C)

    Yes, I've received a 2007 DV letter, dated March 28th. I do not know where online news of results can be found. I had thought NLs would not be sent before May so I was skeptical at first but the postmark on the envelope (April 3rd) confirmed it was from KCC.
  16. wally212

    wally212 New Member

    I received my NL for DV-2007 yesterday. I am AF3xxx a "low" number.
    What does that mean in terms of the timeframe for an interview?

    I am under an H1 that expires in May- Employer is ready to renew.
    Given my case number, am I in a better position to apply for CP? or should I consider AOS instead?

    How may weeks should I plan for my stay when I get home to get processed with CP?
    In what timeframe will my interview happen given my "early" case number?

    Thanks for your help. :)
  17. GCard_Dream

    GCard_Dream Registered Users (C)

    CONGRATULATIONS penguincafe. What a great news. You must be the happiest person in US today :). Please keep us posted on how the case processing goes. By the way, I assume your case number is a very small number because you are probably one of the first selected.

    Good Luck with rest of the process.

  18. GCard_Dream

    GCard_Dream Registered Users (C)

    Congratulations to you. As happy as I am for you guys, I am kind of sad too that I didn't get any letter. But it's good to know that letters have started coming. Please pray for me guys. :(

  19. vk96

    vk96 Registered Users (C)

    This is how Africa numbers progressed over the last few years. With your number being so low, most likely you would have your interview in October (if you do CP), or if you do AOS you will be able to submit your documents on October 1st.

    But if senate passes the new immigration bill it can happen that DV will be cancelled beginning October 1st. I do not know if it would affect DV-2007 winners or it would meen that it would be DV-2008 anymore.

    Month Fiscal Year
    1995 1996 1997
    Oct current current current
    Nov current current current
    Dec current current current
    Jan current current 31270
    Feb current current 35830
    Mar 29250 current 35830
    Apr 21714 12783 40390
    May 21953 18534 40390
    Jun 21953 26500 46201
    Jul 26931 current 52320
    Aug 19114 current current
    Sep 29679 current current

    Month Fiscal Year
    1998 1999 2000
    Oct current 5780 12001
    Nov current 9038 12704
    Dec current 9144 12800
    Jan 27070 11688 12800
    Feb current 14601 13000
    Mar 27200 17048 14801
    Apr 30610 21615 16780
    May 30720 30351 19950
    Jun 32970 33500 23450
    Jul 34590 38180 26600
    Aug current current 28850
    Sep current current current

    Month Fiscal Year
    2001 2002 2003
    Oct 12500 5300 4650
    Nov 12903 5702 7800
    Dec 13800 6000 9800
    Jan 14000 6650 11500
    Feb 14100 8000 12250
    Mar 14100 10050 14150
    Apr 14100 12800 16500
    May 14750 17000 19880
    Jun 19930 21400 26100
    Jul 24700 25650 31650
    Aug 29150 33250 37200
    Sep current current current

    Month Fiscal Year
    Oct 9300/Ethop:6000
    Nov 11700/Ethop:9000
    Dec 14450/Ethop:12400
    Jan 17700/Ethop:15600/Nigeria:15400
    Feb 20400/Ethop:18600/Nigeria:15400
    Mar 23200/Ethop:21900/Nigeria:16475
    Apr 24800/Ethop:24100/Nigeria:16475
    May 26200/Ethop:24100/Nigeria:16500
    Jun 28300/Ethop:16500/Ghana:11500
    Jul 32500/Ethop:29850/Nigeria:17250/Ghana:17500
    Aug 34300/Ethop:30500/Nigeria:17900/Ghana:22000
    Sep 49350/Ethop:43500 35450/Ethop:31600/Nigeria:18600/Ghana:27600

    Month Fiscal Year
    Oct 9900
    Nov 10300/Nigeria:9900
    Dec 14000/Nigeria:11300
    Jan 17400/Nigeria:14600
    Feb 20225/Nigeria:17600
    Mar 22800/Nigeria:17600
    Apr 25100/Nigeria:19700
    May 27700/Nigeria:21300
    Jun 28450/Nigeria:21400
    Jul 32800/Ethiopia:29400/Nigeria:21300
    Aug 39500/Ethiopia:30100
    Sep 46700/Ethiopia:32500

    Month Fiscal Year
    Oct 6000
    Nov 6000/Ethiopia: 4600/Nigeria: 3700
    Dec 7500/Ethiopia: 6800/Nigeria: 5400
    Jan 9000/Nigeria: 6400
    Feb 11600/Nigeria: 8150
    Mar 14200/Nigeria: 9550
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  20. znaty

    znaty Registered Users (C)

    Hi Dear

    in your cut off history , 2004 sep.

    from any reference you get this no. 49***

    because in visa builtin sep2004 it was only 35*** and its really very bad

    plz are you sure from this great no. ?

    tyhank you so much

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