DV-2002 winner in US, how to proceed?

I work with H1-B visa in US and I have been selected at DV-2002 lottery for green card. In the documents I received states that

"IF YOU ARE IN UNITED STATES, you may be eligible to apply to the INS for adjustment of status ... To determine whether or not you may adjust status you MUST contact the INS"

Last week I went to INS but they told me to come at 1am in the morning to be able to talk someone. So,

- How can I know that if I am eligible to apply to the INS for adjustment of status or not?

- Is there any disadvantage of going through INS instead of Kentucky Consular Center(KCC)?

- Can you tell me how to proceed now?



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Did you apply on your own or through an agency for DV-2002 ? If through an agency, can you mention their web-site ? Thank you.


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Hi Tugrul! You can go for one of the two possible ways: Consular Processing (CP) if you are out of the country or Adjustment of Status (AOS) if you are in USA. Because you are in the USA you can choose one of both. CP is more secure and faster procedure, it assures that your # will become current and that you will have your GC at the and. But for that you have to go for interview in your home country. AOS is slower, your # might not become current ( depends on how busy are they at your INS center) and if you are not selected for an interview, because of lack of time, you lose your GC and the right to apply for one. It doesn\'t matter that it was their fault. At the end you are without GC. So if it is possible for you you might go CP. I am not a lawyer, and have that information fromother sites. Good Luck!