DV 2001 Interview in Bahrain - Should I reveal my I-485 and EAD, H1 expired


I applied for my I-485 through my company last year. Finger prints were done in March 2001.
My H-1 expired in Dec. 2000. But, I have my EAD whose validity is Oct. 2000 through Oct. 2001.
Meanwhile, my wife won DV lottery because of my place of Birth being Bahrain. Our interview is scheduled for May 7th in Bahrain.
American Embassy in Bahrain wants to see all the employment related documents. Revealing our EAD (I-485) will mean that we are pursuing Green card efforts through another channel. Isn\'t that reason for disqualification at the Consular interview?

How can we avoid showing EAD (our H1\'s expired in Dec. 2000)?

Please help?