Dual Canadian+US citizenship moving back to Canada questions


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Hi, I obtained Canadian citizenship 30+ years ago, had a Canadian passport (now expired).
I was offered a job by a US company, and moved to USA in 1988; I then obtained USA citizenship a few years later.

Now I would like to move back to Canada for retirement.
I like to find out what do I need to do? and are there any legal issues?

Can I just go back, buy a house, move in, and stay forever?
Do I need to inform the Canadian government about moving back? if so, how to do it and where to go to?
Do I need to do anything at the border crossing? (I plan to drive back to Canada)
I didn't have any financial ties in Canada all these years while I am in USA, so I shouldn't worry about paying Canadian taxes when I go back, correct?

I read something about "10 year ban", what is it?
will I be banned from moving back to Canada? or will I be banned from entering USA after I moved back to Canada?
will I not be able to freely travel between USA and Canada anymore (after I moved back to Canada)?
will USA take away my US citizenship?

any information would be greatly appreciated.



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You naturalised in the US after 1977, so you're both a citizen of Canada and the US. You should apply for a Canadian passport, but I've heard you need a guarantor or two, and if you don't have ties to Canada, it's difficult or something. You should contact the Canadian embassy/consulate near where you live. I've also heard you can enter Canada on a US passport, but make sure you take your expired Canadian passport just in case, and tell them you just haven't renewed it.

You can go and live in Canada like every other Canadian citizen. You have the right to enter both the US and Canada, so you can go back and forth as you please. Remember to keep renewing your US passport, though, because to enter the US, you MUST use it. You don't owe Canadian taxes, but you must file US taxes even after you leave the US, though you will likely not be required to pay the US anything.

Good luck.