Dso/pdso trying to extort me


my name is funmito, i entered the US on M-1 visa to study pilot traning with a school in dallas texas, unfortunately when i got to the school i discovered that they hardly have enough Training equipments and staff to train me the way i would be employable when i get back to my country, immediately i decided i was not going to train in that school so i told the DSO that i would like a transfer to another school and that he should give me few days to look for a better school, i got another school three days later and upon informing him his attitude change he started asking for a ridiculous fee of $750 before he could initiate the transfer, he said the money is meant for documentation and other processing, i then told him that wont be necessary since i wont be training with them anymore bcos the new school had alrdy accepted me and the only thing delaying my start up is the transfer, he has been dragging for over a week now and not willing to transfer me until he gets what i think is a penalty for changing my mind on the school. pls i seriously need an advice on this because my 30day SEVIS active period is going to be due in 7 days, this DSO is making life very difficult for me. the school is not what they displayed on the website for us to see and its not a friendly environment to train. pls help me and what ar my options? i already paid another $130 TSA training request for the new school.
He is not required to release you to attend elsewhere. You can always return home and begin the process again with the new program.

However, charging a fee for the transfer should be reported to the authorities. I suggest that you consult an attorney to assist you in dealing with your current school and US immigration as he can report you for failure to attend and that can lead to detention and deportation. Your time is running out so you need to be dealing with an attorney than posting to a forum.