DS260/Immigration violation/Overstay of 57 days /J1/2004


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I wanted your opinion on the consular processing for filling the DS 260 under the Security and Background - Immigration Law violation section.

Apologies if the same question has been posted earlier as I could not find it under my username

⦁ Have you ever been unlawfully present, overstayed or violated the terms and conditions of your nonimmigrant status?
Between May 2004 (OPT ended) I was waiting for my J1 approval (received approval on Aug 04, 2004, but the application was approved starting May 1st, 2004)
and immigrated to Canada on September 21st, 2004 so did not work during that period as the H1B application was returned in 2003 due to high volume.
Please comment on violating terms on F & J visa between Aug 04 and Sep 21st, 2004 if that needed to be declared. I never received any letter from INS or was not a part of any proceedings.

Have you ever been on a J1 nonimmigrant visitor who was subject to a 2-year residency this application?
In my case on the J1 approval in Aug 2004 the first checkbox that states not subject to residency has been initialed and checked while the second option that says subject to residency has been circled and checked. How do I interpret this for my I 485 application?.

Never used the J1 as I moved to Canada

2000 = F1 issued, Primary passport
2003 = OPT issued, Primary passport
2003 = H1 petition returned due to high volume and employer applied for J1 status, Primary passport
May 2004 =OPT ended, Stopped working, Primary passport
Aug 04, 2004, = J1 approved in the letter format.
Sep 21, 2004, = Immigrated to Canada as a permanent resident.
2005 = B1/B2 = 10 year approved in Toronto, Primary passport
2006 = Applied for F4 Immigrant visa, Got I 130 # approved, Primary passport
2007 = H1B approved and stamped, never used primary passport
2008 = Acquired Canadian citizenship.
2011 = TN permit (#1),Canadian passport.(Used for only 1 year)
2017 =TN permit (#2),Canadian passport.(Crossed every weekend for 3 years straight)
2017 =TN permit (#3),Canadian passport.