Driver licence renewal denied in Florida


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In 2019 my case in immigration court was closed due to failure of prosecute. The immigration judge said we have to wait once case will be reopen. My EAD clock has stopped on 135 days and EOIR 91. By this reason me and my wife don't have work authorization and ssn. My case stuck in New York and there's no future hearings. In 2019 I moved to Florida with my family and informed USCIS and immigration court about address change. In Florida me and my wife have to renew driver license/id card every year. One month ago we have applied for renewal and were denied because DMV couldn't verify our legal presence here. The only documents we have is I797C form (with my name only) and NTA. We have 30 days for appeal. How can we prove our legal presence? Does anyone had the same/similar situation?