DOL Disqualified/debarred Employer and LCA not applied for New Client


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Background: I used to be on OPT working for Employer, client A, through vendor A. My Employer filed for my LCA/H1 for location client A and I got my 797 approved since october 1st last year. later my client A project was completed in December and in Jan 2012 I got a new Project for Client B, but my employer did not file any LCA for the new client(which I was not aware of) and I have been working with this client B since January. I came to know that my employer did not apply for my LCA because employer had labor issues(DOL debarrment) and he cant file for any LCA/H1 for 1 year. So now I am not sure what I should do? should I change my employer immediately? what will happen to my experience of 1 year in client B? will this affect if I go to visa stamping in May?

Is there something I can do to show that this was my employer fault and not mine.

I am looking forward for some suggestions. Any help is greatly appreciated!!