Does restraining order impact green card or immigration status?


I am undergoing emtional abuse in my marraitual life and i want to get a restraining order & child custody from court. My Husband is on H1 Visa. Does it impact his immigration status or green card. In internet, it says it may or may not affect. In what case it will affect and what cases it will not?



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If you and your child are in danger you should address that first and worry about any immigration consequences later. It does sound like you need a good divorce lawyer.
we are not in immediate danger. But this relation has became a roaler coaster ride and i always walk on eggshells to do anthing, for ex - i fear a lot even to make phone calls to my family. Going to brothers/relatives house is restricted and they coming to my house is restricted and also there are some financial abuses also going on. He stops talking to me, bangs the door on me, look at me with anger/rage, controls my finances. I am emotionally going down day by day. Recently my brother came to meet me and stayed at his friends place bcz he knows that my husband will trouble me if he comes home. My husband fought with me a lot that i met my brother and dint let my 1.5 year old son come to me for two three days. These kind of incidents happen in cycles. He is very hypersentisitive person And he keeps grudge on ppl.