Does job ad need to be reposted?


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Hi all, I'm just starting to look into the PERM process and I'm confused by the first couple of steps. It says the prevailing wage determination comes first, then the recruitment. But if I (an overseas candidate) was offered the job following a normal recruitment process -- where the company posted the job on multiple job boards and sites and their own website for several months, and conducted interviews with qualified candidates -- are they required to then repost the job based on the PERM requirements and do interviews again because they decided to hire an overseas candidate? It seems like US govt is assuming that the person the company wants to hire has been decided on without a proper process, but there doesn't seem to be any other options for when this is not the case. It seems a bit ridiculous to me.


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that is because the US govt has its own (as do other govts) definition of "Normal recruitment process" for such cases