Documents for US citizenship (employment based Green card)

Hi, Got consular processing green card through employment based information technology Consulting company. Worked for the employer for different clients at different locations for more than a year before leaving.

My question If I plan to apply for US citizenship I have paystubs and tax return, Social security payments made by employer, documents as per salary, offer letter provided to USCIS at the time of Green card approval. I DO NOT have client contracts, statement of work, client letters etc for whom I worked as a consultant , while working full time for my GC sponcering employer after getting Green card.

For green card through IT consulting company after GC approval, do paystubs and tax documents are enough if during citizenship interview immigration officer asked about proof of employment with GC sponcering employer??

Any one has experience with IT consulting company who applied for citizenship and type of documents asked to show the person worked for GC sponsoring employer?? Thank you
What exactly is your concern?

Sounds like you were working for your sponsoring employer who was cutting your paychecks even if you were at different clients on behalf of your employer. If this is correct then I believe you should be okay unless I have missed something (though don't quote me as I am not an attorney).

My GC was employment based too though my sponsor was not a consulting company. I was not asked any questions related to my sponsor during my citizenship interview.