Do you require pay-stubs from India for H1B?

I was an international student on F1 and have a Masters degree in Computer Science from USA from May, 2005. Then I worked on H1B in USA from June, 2005 to May, 2010. Then I went back to India and did job from 2012 to 2019. Now, I am back in USA in Jan 2020 on F1 visa for my second masters which I am doing in Financial Engineering. But I want to apply for H1B opening in April, 2020. Can I transfer from F1 to H1B directly? I will probably leave pursuing my second masters or convert to part-time if I get my H1B. Do I require pay-stubs from India if I have to apply for H1B visa?
Hi Niket, I believe since you have one year left on your original H1B, you will be eligible for non-cap processing if you can find an employer. So you might want to explore that option with your old H1B. As per the pay stubs, there is a big chance that you would need to provide them or the copy of the joining letter when you joined the company.