Do you have to prove that you can support yourself.

I'm thinking of living in the USA for 6 months with a tent and sleeping bag and eventually buying a car to live in. Do I have to prove to the boarder guard that I am able to support myself? Is $1600 a month enough for that? Will they ask questions like where am I staying - and will it matter when I tell them I'm going to live in a vehicle or on the street? And if I get a vehicle will they let me live in that and still cross the boarder?

Any help would be appreciated.



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You may not "live" in the US on a B visa; you can visit while maintaining a non-US residence. Buying a car on a B2 visa could raise numerous flags to the CBP, which has discretion in querying your purpose/duration of visit. Your ability to fund a visit may very well come up during Inspection if the officer so desires.