Do I need an advisory opinion to file a j1 waiver? My ds2019 and visa says I am not subjected to 2 years, but country skill set says I am.

I was wondering if
1. Can I apply for the j1 waiver through no objection route and AOS at the same time? At which stage of the waiver processing can I apply for a AOS?
2. My ds2019 and visa says I do not have the 2 years requirement. However, according to the skill set of my country it says that I have the requirement. I do not want to do an advisory opinion before applying for the waiver, since the advisory opinion will take 4-6 weeks, and I am in a time crunch and want to apply for I-485 very soon. Can I apply for the waiver if I am not subjected for 2 years requirement based on my visa and ds2019?
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